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As an advocate of free health support, Hon Onawo built from his previous humanitarian services within the health angle: he collaborated with a team of Medical Experts for effective delivery of this service.

Indeed, this is a Multi-dimensional collaboration with international bodies:

-Heart to Heart International-Olathe Kanasa

-Mmedwish International-Clevelan Ohio

-Project Cure-Houston Texas.



This medical Support is tagged:

“Onawo Free Medical Mission in Doma”

Although this member represents three Local Government Areas: Awe/Doma/Keana, as such he called the one in Doma as premier, as same services shall be rendered to other two Local Government Areas as the programme is planned phase by phase.

Onawo Free Medical Mission in conjunction with NTWATWA NGS-HOUSTON TEXAS, USA


Also the medical mission focused on children, all in his effort to reduce child mortality rate among his people while on the aspect of surgery, the team has done its best.



The Cross-Sectional View of a Courtesy Call to the ANDOMA OF DOMA by

Onawo Free Medical Team.



Phone: 2348 036 110 159

Address: House of Rep., Three Arms Zones, CBD, Abuja Nigeria


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